Engagement is the frequent and sustained connection between enrolled members and the HealthPrize platform.

Our engagement programs are focused on:

• Improving patient medical literacy
• Increasing patient intrinsic motivation
• Communicating benefits of medication adherence
• Driving patient retention
• Improving brand reputation

The Action Engine® powers every aspect of the engagement experience, which offers patients relevant, varied and enjoyable content, complemented by a bit of the unexpected. The content management system enables a configurable and individualized journey for each patient, driving high levels of engagement with the program which, across indications, patient demographics and drug delivery methods averages 4.6 visits per week and over 38 minutes per month of time spent on web and mobile with the program.

High levels of engagement over extended periods of time allows for the creation of positive health habits around a patient’s medication that drive better behavior even after a patient is no longer active with the program.  Engagement also drives a sense of community, allowing program participants to provide patients with similar conditions the motivation, encouragement and support they need to form healthy habits and obtain improved outcomes.