Connected Health

Connected health offers a solution for one of the more vexing problems faced by the healthcare industry: patient adherence to their drug regimens.

Demand has increased for improved pharmaceutical care that provides an enhanced patient experience in addition to better health outcomes. Any efforts to combat lack of persistent and costly deficiencies in medication adherence must address the wide range of factors involved in taking medications the right way and at the right time.

HealthPrize Technologies and its connected health partners West Pharmaceutical Services, WestRock and Noble have teamed up to offer connected health solutions to life science companies. These partnerships were formed to leverage each other’s strengths in software development, device, and packaging design and manufacturing to deliver robust adherence and engagement programs.

We connect sophisticated auto-injectors (West), oral solid blister packaging (Westrock), and training devices (Noble), with brand-specific mobile apps powered by HealthPrize Action Engine®. This digital ecosystem becomes a tool to engage patients in a relevant and compelling experience, while educating them and assisting them to use drug delivery devices and compliance packaging properly, keeping them on track with their prescribed therapies.

We record all patient interactions to motivate on-time dosing and pharmacovigilance. Through the mobile app, we also provide important educational and training content, as well as real-time support, which allows patients to adopt new healthy habits.

Below are our current connected health capabilities: