HealthPrize Technologies Patient Engagement and Adherence Platform Surpasses One Million Enrolled Users

Enrolled users experience average adherence lifts of 52 percent over baseline, promoted and prompted by frequent engagement over long periods of time

Norwalk, Conn., Sept. 25, 2018 – HealthPrize Technologies, the leading cloud-based patient engagement and adherence platform for life science companies, today announced a major milestone as it surpassed one million patients enrolled in programs developed on its platform. This breakthrough comes at a time of significant growth for the digital health company, which has inked 7 new client-branded assignments over the past 12 months, including an initiative to take the HealthPrize platform to over 50 countries over the next 5 years.

“This milestone reflects the high level of patient interest and acceptance of the unique approach HealthPrize takes to improve adherence via frequent and extended patient engagement,” said Tom Kottler, CEO and co-founder of HealthPrize. “By creating positive experiences that support habit change, we’re able to attract and maintain the attention of patients over long periods of time, which leads to the adoption of positive health habits.”

Recent data from HealthPrize show that people engage with the company’s programs six times longer than people engage with standard health apps. Enrolled users also experience adherence lifts of 52 percent on average; for certain therapies, translating into an average of 2.6 additional 30-day fills over a 12-month period.

It is estimated that medication non-adherence is responsible for $290 billion in unnecessary health care costs globally and $637 billion in lost revenue for pharmaceutical manufacturers annually. “With more than one million enrolled users, our platform has a proven impact on the business challenge of adherence,” Kottler said.

Pharmaceutical companies leverage the HealthPrize platform to engage and motivate patients to make healthy decisions, such as taking medications as prescribed and refilling prescriptions on time. The platform uses gamification, behavioral economics, education and performance-based rewards to improve adherence at scale in primary and specialty care diseases.

John Scally
Padilla, for HealthPrize Technologies
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