HealthPrize Launches Drive, a New Product to Simplify and Optimize Development of Adherence Programs for Pharmaceutical Brands

Programs built with Drive apply HealthPrize’s proven approach of gamification, behavioral economics and loyalty marketing to boost patient adherence to their medications for chronic disease.

Discover Untapped Pharmaceutical Adherence Revenue Opportunities

Adherence revenue opportunities and growth potential analysis for 21 large pharmaceutical companies from improved medication adherence and the “pharmaceutical triple aim”.

When an 80% Target Adherence Rate Just Isn’t Adherent Enough

While many of us still rely on 80% adherence as a standard, target adherence rates are not always one-size-fits-all. Marketers need to dig a little deeper to find the target rate that is right for their application.

How to Use Gamification to Improve Patient Engagement and Adherence

Gamification can make the process of adherence more fun and enjoyable because even in the landscape of multiple things competing for people’s attention, we can use gamification to make taking your medicine more pleasurable.